“Your inner harmony is the source of your health.” - Paracelsus

Reiki is an ancient way of channeling healing vibrational energy. It was rediscovered in the nineteenth century by a Japanese monk (Dr. Mikao Usui). Reiki is a holistic practice that focuses upon harmonizing body, mind, emotional and spiritual health.

Regular practice of Reiki encourages participant self-awareness and personal growth. Reiki practice can benefit a physical body in pain or combatting illness. Reiki practice inspires you to examine your thought processes and habits closely and let go of any negative thoughts or attitudes that might be challenging your serenity. Regular Reiki practice can improve your emotional wellbeing by promoting feelings of trust, loving kindness and compassion.

Reiki practice can also help foster acceptance of yourself and others on your journey through life. Reiki is appropriate for any age or physical fitness status. The therapeutic touch of Reiki is quite comforting for the elderly. Reiki practice helps to support and liberate individuals as they transition from life into death.

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