Movement Dysfunction Correction

Holistic Health Physical Therapy

"Motion is Life" - Hippocrates

The human body is very dynamic and task-oriented. In the process of "getting things done" we often overutilize our favorite go-to muscles and joints and neglect to engage other important muscle groups and joints. This leads to a programming error in the musculoskeletal system and before you even realize it, your habitual way of motion becomes the only way you are efficient and capable of completing daily tasks. The way you move results in mobility restrictions as well as stability/strength deficits for specific body structures and at the same time overloads other parts of your body. This imbalance can lead to injury, pain, and eventual disability

Movement screening and corrective exercise movement training instruction performed by a skilled clinician help to restore/improve/rebalance your functional movement patterns and abolish your dysfunctional movement pattern habits.

Movement dysfunction analysis and intervention provide an opportunity for your body to "reorganize itself" and create a strong foundation for your musculoskeletal system to effectively attenuate daily biomechanical loads. A responsive musculoskeletal system that is more proficient with global stress distribution results in improved physical and functional capacity.

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