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“Birth is what women do. Women are privileged to stand in such power! Birth stretches a woman’s limits in every sense. To allow such stretching of one’s limits is the challenge of pregnancy, birth and parenting. The challenge is to be fully present and allow the process because of inner trust.” -Elizabeth Noble PT

Pregnancy brings many changes to your body systems.

  • The increasing size of the developing baby progressively challenges your posture and your ability to maintain core and pelvic girdle stability. Women commonly experience low back or pelvic girdle pain due to difficulty attenuating the increasing biomechanical load of pregnancy.
  • Women experiencing low back/pelvic girdle pain often limit their physical activity levels.
  • Remaining physically active and exercising during pregnancy is a great way to improve both you and your baby’s health.
  • Studies show moms-to-be who exercise have shorter first stages of labor, reduced risk for a Cesarean Section and less likelihood of having a preterm delivery.
  • Smart moms who exercise make smart recent study reported babies of moms who regularly exercised exhibited improved mental performance during infant developmental testing.
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