Sports Agility and Performance Training

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What is your sport performance goal?

Sport injuries are one of the most common causes of sport attrition and many sports associated injuries are preventable.

Our sport agility and performance training program targets preventative injury proactive care as well as pre/post-surgical and conservative injury management care.

Whether you are a year-round sport participant or weekend warrior, a physical therapy exam of your flexibility, strength, functional movement patterns, postural habits, core stability and and sport participation demands followed by a targeted treatment intervention will help improve your sport ability and keep you in the game.

Athletes Predisposed to Sport Overuse Injuries:

  • Young Athletes with Early Sport Specialization
  • Older Athletes with Inconsistent/Unbalanced Training Methodology
  • Female Athletes with Decreased Bone Mineral Density
  • Athletes with Improper Sport Technique
  • Athletes who Avoid Rest & Recovery Between Sport and Training Activities
  • Athletes who Rapidly Progress Sport Participation Activities and Lack a Strong Foundation for Attenuating the Changes in Biomechanical Loads Associated with High Volume Training
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