Torticollis Therapy

Holistic Health Physical Therapy

Successful management of Congenital Muscular Torticollis requires relaxed and educated parents, caregivers and babies. Physical therapists help resolve infant torticollis presentations with five key treatment strategies:

  1. Facilitate infant neck and trunk active range of motion play.
  2. Encourage infant self-development and organization of symmetrical movement patterns.
  3. Adapt your infant's surrounding environment in order to stimulate active self-engagement in normal cervical movement and eye tracking.
  4. Initiate GENTLE and comfortable passive range of motion (low load, prolonged stretch) to normalize cervical mobility.
  5. Educate and practice with parents and caregivers specific treatment strategies to employ at home for maximal beneficial treatment effect. Specific educational topics include:
    • Positioning techniques for your baby when awake and asleep
    • Importance of supervised awake tummy time activity 3 times/day
    • Limitation of infant time spent in passive asymmetric prolonged positioning (car seats, strollers, swings).
    • Best strategies for infant positioning during feeding/changing that will encourage your baby's midline neck posture or neck postures correcting unilateral Sternocleidomastoid muscle overuse/dominance.
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