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Prolonged sitting and sedentary lifestyle participation result in the following negative individual health effects:

  • Muscle fatigue and muscle wasting
  • Decreased Bone Health
  • Poor Sleep Quality
  • General Deconditioning
  • Joint Stiffness
  • Decreased Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Weight Gain
  • Increased Cell Inflammatory Response and Cell Aging

Lurati AR. Health Issues and Injury Risks Associated with Sitting and Sedentary Lifestyles. Workplace Health and Safety.2018;66(6)285-290.

High Amounts of Sedentary Behavior:

  • ¬†Increase your overall mortality risk.
  • Increase your risk of Type II Diabetes
  • Appears linked to increased endometrial, colon and lung cancer risk.

Katzmarzyk, PT. Sedentary Behavior and Health: Update from the 2018 Physical Activity Advisory Committee. Med Sci Sport Ex. 2019;51(6):1227-1241.

RECOMMENDATION: When working or studying, minimize postural dysfunction microtrauma-> get up and walk 5 minutes every hour!

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